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Rugby is a team sport involving the ball, originating from England. The name of the game comes from the city where the rules of the game where made official for the very first time. The ball that is used in the game is oval, unlike the one used in football.

Rugby comes from another sport, called “la soule”, very popular in France in the Middle Ages.

The game gained popularity along with the development of the transportation, when college students started travelling from one location to another and organize competitions. The rugby rules have been codified for the first time in 1846, followed by an update made by the Cambridge students on December 8, 1863.

In 1871 it was decided to finally set a limit between rugby and football and the Rugby Football Union is created. The game’s popularity grew over the years, reaching a total number of 3.5 million legitimated players in 2007, all over the world.

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